App redesign may be necessary for companies in several cases. Want to know when you should think about app redesign and how to organize this process properly?

Read our new article in which we tried to disclose this important topic in all details.

Mobile app design generates the initial impression about your application, and largely influences whether or not the user will continue using it. So, it gets critical.

But how much does it cost to design an app? What factors influence the pricing? How not to overpay for the app design? Learn in our recent article.

How to scale a SaaS product? Scaling a SaaS business is no easy task. You have to develop a comprehensive approach that comprises five major stages. What are these stages? How to perform each of them successfully? Learn more in our recent article.

You are a startup and have a great idea for a new product? Northell team has prepared an article devoted to MVP development, so now you have a great chance to learn how to test your idea by creating an MVP.

You will find lots of useful information and will be able to count the approximate cost of your future project.

Wondering how to create a custom CRM for your business or SaaS-product CRM?

Our new article will help you figure out how to create a CRM system, how much it costs, what kind of specialists you need to have in the team, etc. You will also find a detailed guide with every essential step of CRM creation.

Choosing the best MVP development company has never been easy.

For the successful development of your MVP application, you need to know the processes that must be followed during development.

In this article, we have listed all the requirements, which you can use to ensure that your end product is of high quality.

Planning to start a new project but don’t know what team model to choose? Our new article focuses on in-house vs. outsourcing in IT, as this topic is extremely popular in this area. After reading it, you will definitely know what to choose.

Task management system design is a popular topic of conversation nowadays.

Based on our great experience, the Northell team has prepared a detailed article about creating awesome task management software design.

Read our article to know all details and find examples of our recent projects.

Wondering if your startup needs an advisor? To find the answer to this question, we recommend reading our new article.

You will find all the information you need about startup advisors, from their roles in the business to tips for finding a great specialist.

Want to know how much your product design will cost? Northell team has prepared an article that will help you find all the necessary information about the product design cost.

What does product design cost include? In which countries the price corresponds to the quality?

Which team is more profitable to hire? You will find answers to these and many other questions in our new article.


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