MVP for Startups: Why You Need It Before Software Custom Development


What is the MVP in Software Development?

Do Not Risk: Start Your Software Product with MVP

Benefit #1 Time and money efficiency

Benefit #2 Defined Value Proposition

Benefit #3 Сredibility for attracting your investors

Benefit #4 Feedback from early adopters

Benefit #5 Possibility to build customer loyalty

How Northell Can Help You Build a Winning MVP?

WealthClub Trading App (MVP)
  1. Identify the target audience and validate your idea. This point is the foremost starter before making further decisions. Conduct extensive market research if you want to provide your users with a real-world value solution. Ask yourself: Who your target audience is? What are their motivations? What problem are you going to solve by offering your product?
  2. Create users’ flow. Your customers have to reach their intended goals. In order to fulfill this task, you need to create a roadmap outlining the user journey so that you will have a picture of how your customer can move. Take, for example, Airbnb. They outlined users’ flow breaking down the logic of a user’s steps who wants to book a room: find a property — search results — property details — sign up — continue booking, etc.
  3. Prioritize essential features. Brainstorm all features and break them down, keeping only essential ones relevant to your user persona. Key features have to solve your previously defined problem and make most use to your customer.
  4. Develop the MVP. To get a solid MVP, a tech-savvy team of web professionals is required who can not only deliver fast and working solutions for you but inform and interact with you on every stage of MVP development.
  5. Collect feedback. So now, it is a phase where you present your product to early adopters to capture feedback.
  6. Make appropriate iterations. According to insights you obtained after testing your MVP among your potential audience, all necessary iterations are needed to enhance the product further down the line.



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